Frequently Asked Questions

Starting the counseling process can lead to many questions. At Paraclete, we want to do our best to provide clarity to some of the most asked questions we receive.

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The staff of Paraclete Counseling Center write a newsletter on a quarterly basis. You can find articles on relevant mental health topics as well as topics on spiritual growth and book reviews.

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Around The Web

The staff at Paraclete Counseling Center have compiled some resources on mental health topics available on the web. There are also links for several online tests that your therapist might ask you to take.

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What Is Sexual Addiction?

“Sexual addiction is defined as any sexually-related, compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one’s work environment”. Paraclete offers several resources to help those struggling in this area of their lives.

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What Is Substance Addiction?

Paraclete conducts testing and evaluation to determine if individuals suffer with substance dependence. Assessments may be in response to court order or simply for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment planning.

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Relationship Resources

Paraclete offers Premarital, Marital, and Couples counseling. Check out these resources to enrich your relationship!

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