Debbie Middlebrook

Debbie’s approach to therapy is cognitive-behavioral in nature and she believes that clients should take an active role in therapy by setting goals and continuing therapeutic work outside of session.  Taking into consideration that not everyone is comfortable with an active style, Debbie adjusts the course of treatment based on the unique needs and therapeutic goals of each client.  Debbie’s approach is also influenced by a Christian worldview. She believes that spiritual health is important to emotional health and can incorporate faith based interventions such as scripture and prayer.  Debbie is well versed on bible study methods and enjoys assisting clients who are interested in learning more about scripture and how it applies to mental health.  However, Debbie is respectful of client’s spiritual preferences and can utilize a purely secular approach with those clients who do not want Christian counseling.

Additionally, Debbie has extensive experience in the corporate business environment and can offer assistance with career counseling, career transitions and managing stress in the workplace.  Debbie enjoys volunteering and has been mentoring women through her church for several years.  Debbie also enjoys writing and has published several Christian devotionals.