ADD: Becoming Your Child’s Advocate

Children with ADD struggle with a variety of academic, social and emotional issues. In this seminar, parents will receive guidelines on being an advocate on your child’s behalf with the school, doctors and other support personnel. You will gain a broader understanding of how this disorder affects every area of your child’s life and things you can do to intervene.

ANGER: What Is A Christian Supposed To Do?

We’ll look at what Scripture says about anger and bitterness. We’ll talk about appropriate ways to handle anger and what to do if you are constantly battling with ‘out of control’ anger.

Dying To Be Thin
Many young girls and women struggle with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. They are consumed with being thin. Learn how to identify the signs of eating disorders and what types of treatment options are available.

Depression: What Every Person Should Know

Whether you or a loved one suffers from depression, this is one seminar you can’t afford to miss. Everyone suffers from discouragement at times. Some suffer silently in desperation from clinical depression. Learn to identify the signs and develop coping strategies to deal with everyday discouragement as well as serious depression. Come learn what God’s Word has to say about coping with depression.

A Family Affair

No one comes from a perfect family. Christians who grew up in unhealthy families struggle to overcome dysfunctional behavior and thinking patterns. We’ll identify these patterns and discuss ways to overcome these patterns through God’s healing power.

Balanced Living

In order to experience peace in a variety of areas in our lives we often need to practice the art of balanced living. This seminar examines the components of balanced living and teaches key ideas to proper life management. Whether the audience is young or old, attendees will receive encouragement and reminders about setting good habits in multiple areas of their lives.

Stressing Out

In our fast-paced, hectic world it is easy to become “stressed out.” In this seminar, we’ll identify the causes and types of stress. You’ll then be taught relaxation techniques and other stress management skills with an opportunity to practice these valuable skills.

Learning About Yourself Via The Myers Briggs Personality Indicator

The seminar offers a general overview of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It examines key friction points and teaches about each of the eight identification categories. It can be offered as an overview or as an instructional accompaniment to individuals who have completed this assessment.

Working Your Personality

This seminar examines personality dynamics focusing on particular difficulties that arise as different personality types interact in the work place. This assessment includes the administration of the DISC test and will provide you with numerous handouts on the four components. Focus will be placed on how to communicate and resolve conflict with different personality types.

Really Listening

This seminar covers fundamental ideas about good listening and teaches attendees how to fine tune the art of careful listening. Those who complete it will be more equipped to carefully listen and respond to others in their lives.

Powerful Parenting

This seminar examines several key ideas to successful parenting. It will teach the importance of logical consequences in disciplining children and examine how to help children both stop undesirable behavior and start new desired behaviors.

Preparing For An Empty Nest

This seminar reviews some of the fundamental ways parents can move into this next stage of their marriage and relationship with their children. It will offer helpful hints on successfully sending your child off to college and surviving the “empty nest syndrome”.

Renewing Your Mind: Developing Biblical Thinking Patterns For Healthy Living
What you think affects how you feel and how you act. Faulty thinking based on Satan’s lies can cause many to sink into depression and anxiety and cause a battle with low self worth. In this seminar you will learn to identify lies in your own thinking, develop ways to renew your mind and change your thought patterns through the application of God’s truth.

Men of Anger: A Biblical Call for Change

Life is getting more and more hectic for men today. There is more stress and less time for the things they desire. As a consequence, men tend to express anger more easily. Come learn how God’s Word brings relief to your soul and victory over this common struggle.

Porn: Its Enticing Attack

Porn is readily available and accepted in public now more than ever before. With its powerful enticement we are easily being ensnared. Learn how common this area of struggle is for men and hear about the hope you have to become free from this devastating problem.

Who Said Marriage Was About You?

You have probably heard “What God has joined together let no man tear asunder”. One or both spouses can be the person who tears asunder by having a selfish outlook. Understanding a Biblical perspective on marriage gives you the freedom to enjoy God and the Covenant. If you are tired of not enjoying your marriage come learn how to work toward a Biblical marriage.

Who Am I?

Do you have problems and not quite sure why? Do you ever ask Who Am I? Why is that so important? If you answered yes, come gain the Truth about Who you are that will set you free.

Let’s Communicate

Whether it is with a spouse, our children, friends or co-workers, we all have difficulties communicating at one time or another. Few of us really have the skill to communicate effectively. We’ll learn some basic skills of communication and have an opportunity to put these skills into action.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable in relationships. God’s Word has much to say about how Christians should handle conflict. We’ll study some basic guidelines for conflict resolution and gain some practical insight from the Bible on resolving conflict successfully.

Blended Families: Making Two Families Into One

With the high incidence of divorce and remarriage, many parents need guidelines on how to bring two families together. We’ll look some potential pitfalls and problems and offer suggestions to make this transition successful.

Grief: Dealing With The Losses Of Life

Losses in life are inevitable. Whether it is the loss of a loved one or a loss of a job, we must grieve through the loss. We’ll identify the stages of grief, learn how to walk through those stages and determine whether we are stuck in a particular stage. Learn effective ways to cope with your grief or how to help someone else work through the grief stages.

Dealing with the Holiday Blues

The holidays are difficult times for most people. Depression and anxiety are high during the holiday season. Learn how to cope with the holiday blues and develop realistic expectations for the holiday season.

Self Worth For Women: God’s View Of You

Most women struggle with a poor self-concept. Many are trapped in trying to perform or seek approval from others for their self worth. Learn how to develop a view of yourself based on God’s perspective. We’ll discuss some practical steps you can take and learn how deep intimacy with Christ can transform how you feel about yourself.

Stuck In Shame

Do you ever feel that there is inherently something wrong with you? Do you feel like you can’t be accepted just for who you are? If you answered yes, chances are you are stuck in shame. Learn what shame is and the types of families that foster feelings of shame. Identify the differences between shame and guilt and learn Satan’s tactics of using shame in a believer’s life. Finally, learn how the work of Christ sets a believer free from shame.

How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

An affair is one of the most devastating events that can happen to a marriage. It happens to both Christians and non Christians. It is important to protect your marriage before an affair happens. Learn how affairs develop, ways to protect your marriage and what to do if an affair happens to you.

Sexual Addiction

This seminar reviews some of the basic truths about warning signs of sexual addictions, how to combat, and how to gain victory. Sexual addiction is running rampant in our world and our churches. Let us not be silent any more. Come learn how to gain victory one by one.

The following books can be taught in a seminar format or in a series of classes at your church:

Search For Significance

Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

The Power Of A Parents Words

Building Your Mates Self Esteem

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