Christ Centered Intensive Outpatient Help for Addicts and Their Loved Ones

For years the recovering alcoholic or drug addict has gone off to his “meetings” leaving nervous, hopeful loved ones behind to pray that this time it will work. Hopefully the turmoil in the home will end. Hopefully whatever those people do at those meetings will give back the years the locusts have eaten.

The tradition of dealing with an addict as though the problem were his alone overlooks the fact that addictions affect everyone whose life is touched by the addict. The Healing Families program at Paraclete Counseling Center is designed to help all who are involved in the crisis of addiction. We do this by providing group treatment to family members along with the addict. We combine the elements of the recovery process and family counseling into one group.

A Further Note for Family Members

Frequently persons who are close to the suffering addict do not know what to do when the individual refuses help. These family members are encouraged to enter counseling to cope with addictive behaviors and to learn to manage personal issues that arise from living with persons who are addicted. We address issues concerning Co-dependency and Adult Children of Addicts.

Drug and Alcohol Assessments

Paraclete conducts testing and evaluation to determine if individuals suffer with substance dependence. Assessments may be in response to court order or simply for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment planning.


At Paraclete Counseling Center, we believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is at the heart of every healing experience. The treatment program is Bible-based and Christ-centered. All of the therapists associated with the program are Christian.

Along with Substance addiction we offer a comprehensive treatment for sexual addiction.

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