Marital Assessment

Many married couples find themselves in a place of hopelessness, anger, and disappointment over their marriages. They know something is deeply wrong; they see they can no longer communicate effectively and they find themselves stuck in a never-ending, unproductive cycle.

In addition to marital therapy, Paraclete Counseling Center also offers a Marital Assessment, consisting of 5 one-hour sessions covering the following items:

  • Oral interviews as a couple and as individuals
  • A personalized, final report listing strengths, growth areas, and recommendations written in user-friendly style
  • A final feedback session so you can fully understand your report

This assessment generates a wealth of information regarding the health of your marriage and may precede marital counseling, helping to speed up the process leading to growth and health for you and your spouse.

Sexual Addiction

At Paraclete Counseling Center, we provide a comprehensive assessment to determine presence of and level of sexual addictive issues. The assessment will consist of SAST online test, and clinical interview with Certified Christian Sexual Addiction Specialist. Issues that will be evaluated are but not limited to: Loss of control, compulsive behavior, efforts to stop, loss of time, preoccupations, inability to follow obligations, continuing despite consequences, escalation, losses, and withdrawal. The client will also gain a general education of what sexual addiction is and a theoretical approach to treatment. At the conclusion of assessment the client will be provided with a written report and recommended treatment plan. Duration of assessment will be between 2-4 sessions. Fee for services will be cost per session plus cost of written report.

Substance Abuse

Paraclete Counseling provides formal evaluations of individuals to determine the abuse of or dependence upon alcohol or other drugs. These evaluations are conducted by a Licensed Professional Counselor, and the assessment criteria are based on the American Psychological Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5). The assessments may be conducted at the request of individuals wishing to determine the need for treatment or at the recommendation of a healthcare professional. The assessment may also be conducted in response to a court order.

The evaluation utilizes the individual’s personal and family history, a series of written and oral standardized tests, and face to face interviews with the subject and other significant individuals familiar with the subject’s history. Interviews with significant others are not conducted without the subject’s knowledge and consent.

The results of assessments are confidential, and are never released to third parties without the subject’s expressed, written permission.

Anger Management

At Paraclete Counseling, we provide an anger assessment to determine the treatment need. The assessment will determined the roots, triggers, and manifestations of the client’s anger, both currently and in the past. At the conclusion of the assessment a written report will be provided with a recommended treatment plan. Duration of Assessment will be between 2-4 sessions. Fee for services will be cost per session plus cost of written report.